Kid Rock & Engineer Break Down ‘Cocky’ Track By Track

Brian McCollum of Knight Ridder – Tribune engineer Al Sutton at Rock’s new studio in Ortonville, Michigan to break down his new album ‘Cocky’ track by track. Rock didn’t sound too excited about the first single, ‘Forever’, saying, “It’s almost too typical. Hopefully it’s a hit, and everybody’s like, ‘All right, we’ve still got .’ And then I can move on. I wanted to release ‘Midnight Train to Memphis’ first. But the label said, ‘It’s too far out, it’s too crazy. You might lose a whole audience.'” Sutton added almost apologetically, “It was very last-minute. We’d already mixed most of the record in L.A. but thought we needed another couple of songs. We weren’t happy with the flow. So we recorded five more.” has since removed the article.

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