Kid Rock Chats With Wolf Blitzer

CNN aired their interview with on Friday after they were forced to delay the broadcast on Thursday. Rock talked about his visit to the Middle East to perform for U.S. troops, his support for the war, and whether that support had strained his relationship with Sheryl Crow, who had strongly opposed military action. Rock was mum when asked about Pamela Anderson, but did offer an opinion on Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling overturning the Texas sodomy law. Read on for a transcript.

BLITZER: Kid Rock on that CD with Sheryl Crow.

When you think of the USO, by the way, Bob Hope may come to mind, but
a whole new group of stars are entertaining the American forces in Iraq
and elsewhere around the world including Kid Rock, whose latest album “Cocky”
has sold more than three million copies. I talked with Kid Rock earlier
about his trip to Baghdad and more.


BLITZER: Kid Rock, thanks so much for joining us, let’s get to the issue
at hand. You entertained a lot of U.S. soldiers, the marines, the U.S.
troops, in Iraq. What made you want to go over there?

KID ROCK: It was not the first USO thing I’ve done, but every time I’ve
been it’s been a great experience. Just seeing those kids’ faces when they
see someone from the homeland. Especially, maybe, an entertainer, somebody
that they look up to, just to see their eyes light up and see it all. The
situations there to be taken away for a moment is just worth it itself.
Plus, just being able to help out and do whatever I can, you know, for
this great nation that we all live in.

BLITZER: Where exactly did you go and were you scared?

KID ROCK: We were in Kuwait, we were in Qatar, and we were in Baghdad,
Saddam International Airport — I guess they formerly called it.

Scared? Maybe your nerves get a little wracked because things go through
your head of ,maybe, what could happen. But at the end of the day, you
know, you think about it, we have the best trained technical military on
the face of this planet. So to be smack-dab in the middle with them is
probably the safest place to be in the world.

BLITZER: What did those troops say to you?

KID ROCK: You know, the reason why I’m doing this interview and some
other ones, is because a lot of kids kept coming up to me. And these kids
18, 22, 23 years old, they kept, Rock, what do they think of what we’re
doing, back home? What do they think of us? And I assumed, and from talking
to them, that a lot of it had to do with what they hear coming out of Hollywood,
and a lot of other people that have outlets to the media, and are very
vocal with their viewpoints. And I don’t think they understand sometimes
that maybe some people that are talking about, you know, our president
and government, it still means they support them.

And I let them know that, you know, there’s a lot of people like myself,
the people I’m around, and basically middle America that really appreciate
and support you guys, and support our government, and are 100 percent behind
you guys. So I figured that everybody else can take advantage of this media
outlet they have to protest and say the negatives,

I thought maybe it was time that somebody step forward and say something
positive about what these kids are doing, which is basically putting their
lives on the line for our freedoms. Which we are all well aware of.

BLITZER:: Is it fair to say, though, Kid Rock, that you’re in the minority
as far as the entertainment world, Hollywood, show businesses when it comes
to your passionate support for this war?

KID ROCK: Well, you know, it’s kind of funny. Because usually I’m in
the big mouth category. And on this I do seem to be in the, I guess, small
mouth minority category for some reason. But, I don’t know, just I think
a lot of us that support our government are really more focused on doing
the right thing. Going to work every day. Taking our families, and supporting
our government. Rather than go out and use all these outlets to talk so
negatively about some things that maybe we don’t understand.

Me myself, I’m not the most political person in the world, so I don’t
really think it’s my place to speak because I’m not educated enough to
make decisions for our country, so you know, that’s what I think. BLITZER:
You and Sheryl Crow have a smash hit, which I love, but her politics are
obviously a lot different than yours. She was adamantly against the war.
Has this strained your relationship with her?

KID ROCK: No, not at all. You know, that’s one of the beautiful things
of our country that these guys are out there putting their lives on the
line for, that somebody can be against it and somebody can be for it. And,
you know, we’ve talked about it a little bit here and there, and I think
maybe she has some good viewpoints. I think mine are a little better obviously,
but it hasn’t strained our relationship at all. She’s still a great friend
and wonderful person.

BLITZER: What else are you going to do for those troops beyond what
you have already done?

KID ROCK: What else would I do?

BLITZER: What else would you do, yes. Would you want to go back?

KID ROCK: I would go back anytime, anyplace, anywhere. I was kind of
joking with them, though, you know, I said next time can you guys try find
a war to start a war in Tahiti or something? It’s like 130 degrees over
there. These poor kids in Baghdad have no running water, no showers. They
wipe with baby wipes. My heart goes out to them. And I think everybody
that was on that USO tour will tell you, that being in Baghdad that day,
that afternoon, there was something very special in the air. And for a
few hours there it seemed like everybody really realized what life’s about,
how important our families are, and how lucky we are to live in this great

BLITZER: I’ve got to ask you one last question, Kid Rock, before I let
you go. We’ve been promoting your appearance on our program now for some
24 hours. I’m getting flooded with e-mails. All your fans out there are
asking me this question, “what’s going on between you and Pamela Anderson”?

KID ROCK: I won’t even comment on that, Wolf. I don’t think that needs
to overshadow the important things that our soldiers and our military are
doing for our country. I don’t think it’s really even important.

BLITZER: Alright, well it’s obviously important to a lot of your fans.
Their really curious to know, but I respect your privacy.

KID ROCK: I don’t think anyone’s losing sleep over it, Wolf.

BLITZER:: Alright, you are probably are right on that. Kid rock, congratulations
to you. Thanks for doing a good job for the U.S. military.

KID ROCK: And Wolf, if I could just make one more comment, I’ve been
watching CNN here, and I keep hearing about the decision with the Supreme
Court with the homosexual ruling. I just want to say I think it’s a beautiful
thing. Because if you really think about it, you know, the more gay men
there are in the world, that just leaves more chicks for me and you, Wolf.

BLITZER: Kid Rock, telling us how you really feel. Thanks very much,

KID ROCK: Thank you

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  1. SGT Jonathan Atcitty says:

    I wish I could actually say thank you to kid.I saw him perform in a USO tour in Germany shortly before my first deployment. I still remember when he shook my hand, and how good it felt inside to know that there are still great people in this world that support us.

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