Kid Rock Challenges Judge Alvin T. Wong

was spotted leaving Crown in West Hollywood early Wednesday (January 7), where the singer was asked for his thoughts about the economy, prompting him to turn the question around. Then an autograph seeker asked for a signature, prompting Rock to grill him about whether he was a reseller. He later defended himself over the judge that didn’t consider his performances for the troops community service when handing down his judgement on the Waffle House scuffle back in 2007. Judge Alvin T. Wong instead was sentenced to 1 year probation and a $1,000 fine. “The reason I had a problem with that was like, Yeah, I love to play my guitar,” Rock said. “I would always go to sing for the troops overseas. I’ll do that any year. I’ve done it four years in a row… If he wanted to punish me, he should’ve put me in jail, but he didn’t. The point is, if he loves to practice law, he’s an attorney. He became a judge. Why he doesn’t go to practice fu**ing law in Iraq for a month. If he’s so bad ass. If he wants to prove a point with me. Because there ain’t no bigger community service than going to play for the soldiers who protect the freedom for you to put your camera on me right now.” Watch the footage below.

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2 thoughts on “Kid Rock Challenges Judge Alvin T. Wong

  1. Zsa Zsa Giggleman says:

    After hearing the judges decision we called the judge and he replied “Wong number”

  2. Rick Alembik says:

    Kid Rock clearly doesn’t know Judge Al Wong. I’ve known him since he took the bench some years ago. He’s a smart, real-world, and fair-minded judge. But, more importantly, he does go beyond the call of duty when off the bench. For example, he regularly volunteers to mediate law suits that are pending before other judges for no compensation other than his county / state salary. And he does it well. He’s probably saved our county (DeKalb, Georgia) and litigants at least tens of thousands of dollars (and probably more) by going beyond the call of duty. He also gives continuing legal education talks to lawyers… for free. For all I know he may also do charitable work, be a good family man, and do other things to make the world a better place. Granted, he’s a politician, and that’s what politicians are supposed to do. But, frankly, most judges I know do not give as much back to the community as does Judge Wong. (Or, at least, if there are some who do, I just don’t know about it, to be fair.) I suggest that anyone who would judge anyone else so harshly take some time to metaphorically walk in their shoes first.

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