Kid Rock Buys Clothing Company

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Fansite Extreme reports that Kid Rock has bought the clothing company “Made in Detroit”. On top of buying the company, a quick search of the Official trademark electronic search system (TESS) shows that the trademarks “Made in Nashville” and “Made in Las Vegas” among others have also been registered. Rock has been growing increasingly attached to Nashville recently after spending $800,000 on a three-story condo there earlier this year.

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5 thoughts on “Kid Rock Buys Clothing Company

  1. Fred E. says:

    Kid Rock sucks.

    He has “mentored”, then ripped off music from other Detroit artists (Howling Diablos, Ty Stone, Paradime, Uncle Kracker, Hemigod, etc…) and made a career from sampling Lynyrd Skynard, Warren Zevon, Bob Seger, and Ted Nugent. If you live on a farm in Michigan you probably think he’s very “authentic” Detroit but he grew up in Macomb county as the son of a Lincoln-Mercury car dealer with tons of money and has never even lived in Detroit.

    He has bought his way out of copyright infringement, sexual harassment, and assault charges and ripped off a long-time friend (Detroit designer Rob Stanzler, with whom he co-hosted Xmas parties for 11 years and honors by name in the song “Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp”) by scamming him out of his “Made in Detroit” logo while Stanzler was going through a divorce.

    Made in Detroit did not go bankrupt and would have survived fine without Kid Rock. For his part Kid Rock fired the entire Detroit office and production team that had developed this (formerly cool and Detroit-located) company so he could move “Made in Detroit” to his suburban home 45 minutes outside the city.

    “Made in Detroit” is not in or near Detroit and makes nothing in Detroit.

    Don’t give this numbskull a**hole any more money.

    he is an embarrassment to Detroit.

    Fred in Detroit

  2. Johnny Guitar says:

    True that!!!

    Kid Rock is just marketing himself as “Detroit” to make money for hookers and blow.

    He treats his employees and band members like utter crap. He’s destroyed the street credibility of a once great company (“Made in Clarkston…er…Detroit”) by taking that business and several jobs OUT of Detroit.

    The designs suck now, too. They all look like something Johnny Drama would wear on Entourage:(

    Made in Detroit is BAD for Detroit because;
    -It makes NOTHING in Detroit
    -Not only has it created NO jobs in the city, it took some jobs out of Detroit when Kid Rock moved it to his ranch in Clarkston.
    -It takes money and sales from people who want to support Detroit by misrepresenting itself as being based in the City.
    -Kid Rock makes “charitable donations” to events like Arts, Beats and Eats with the condition that GENUINE Detroit companies (like Stanzler’s new will be excluded from the same events and he will be able to make more sales…not very charitable at all.
    -Kid Rock pressures retailers who want to carry MID to drop actual Detroit companies from their stores ( see for proof)

    If you love Detroit buy genuine Detroit products, not bogus ones from mean-spirited aging suburbanites like “Kid” (he’s almost 40 years old-time to change the name yet?) Rock!!!

    Pure Detroit (
    Detroit Manufacturing (
    Highway Press
    Division Street Boutique

  3. Tom Diamond says:

    Rock also requires any store that carries MID to purchase their product. Most REAL local clothing companies stock the stores they deal with on a “consignment” basis.

    If you own a clothing company and MID wants to be in the same store as you, expect to get a call from that store telling you to come pick up your product, especially if you have the word Detroit in your name!

    If you really want to support local clothing companies there’s a lot to choose from…Empire Seven Clothing, Detroit Remedy Clothing, Crime Sh*t Clothing, Broke Clothing, 7-15-4 Clothing, Brown Dog Welding Company, Old Skool Kustoms Apparel…these are just a few that come to mind.


    Tom Diamond

  4. susie says:

    If there is truly that exclusivity clause from MID, then other clothing companies should be posting stuff online everywhere about it, and so should their customers! KR claims to be Mr Detroit, and supportive of local businesses. And, I’m thinking he really doesn’t NEED exclusivity to be successful, but instead could help support all other Detroit based clothing lines.

    Detroit Remedy is awesome – GREAT products, unparalleled customer service, and of course merch that rocks!!

  5. Dan says:

    it’s true.. Many don’t speak about it because it’s just not that important to fight. MID does need exclusivity as outside of Detroit it’s just another tshirt. Only Detroit cares about it’s name. Rock’s popularity has definitely helped propel the line but once you leave Detroit it ends which is why the company does what it does towards possible competition at events and stores alike. Hating on another company, brand or otherwise isn’t good karma anyhow. probably a good reason why they aren’t in as many stores as they could be. In the end starting a business is difficult and costly, last thing you want is to go up against someone with rocks bank account. look at Stanzler who started MID, was he smart to sell off the line? Only he knows but MID should stand for something great and it doesn’t anymore. what once was made in Detroit and supported many is now made in Troy and supports only one.

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