Kid Rock Appears On Last Call

was on Last Call with Carson Daly on Thursday night to discuss his new self-titled album, his upcoming ‘Kid Rock Christmas’ special on VH-1, his 10-year-old boy, and more. Read on for a rough transcript.

Carson: Always good to have him in the house. Say hi to our good
buddy, son of detroit, kid rock, everybody.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: What’s up, brother?

Kid Rock: Where’s that button at?

Carson: Yeah, exactly.

Kid Rock: What happened to it?

Carson: We lost the strippers, but we gained a nice, red couch.

[ Laughter ]

Kid Rock: That was a good trade.

Carson: Yeah, right.

[ Laughter ] I have to apologize, I think because I know you’re running
around doing press for the new record, which is great. It’s getting great
reviews. Called “kid rock,” which we’ll talk about. But I heard you on
howard this morning. Giving you a hard time about our friendship.

Kid Rock: Asked about you and me, as soon as I get on their show.

Carson: Yeah. What was up with that?

Kid Rock: He was just being a bitch.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: I have to — listen, I mean, bob and I have been friends for
quite some time, and then I read, like, this “stuff” magazine. We don’t
have the article out here, but it was like, “in 20 seconds, tell us why
you’re friends with the douche bag, carson daly.” I’m starting to believe
this. I think I might be bringing your career down.

[ Laughter ] I want to apologize. If you want to not be friends any
more, we can stop.

Kid Rock: Cut it out, cut it out. You know we’re boys, always been boys.

Carson: Well, sorry you have to put up with that.

[ Laughter ]

Kid Rock: I don’t know how to answer this. I’m like, “forget them.”

Carson: Listen, when you’re not around, I’m hanging out with Clay Aiken, and they’re doing the same thing to me.

[ Laughter ]

Kid Rock: You’re not hanging around with Clay Aiken.

Carson: No, you’re right, I’m not.

Kid Rock: Okay, good. Whew!

Carson: I haven’t seen you in a while. How’s junior? How old is junior now, 10?

Kid Rock: 10. Got the progress report.

[ Whispering ]

Not good.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: What is that, the report card?

Kid Rock: First it was the progress report. Went and had a conference with his teacher, and you know, “we’re gonna straighten this boy up.” It was just me and him. We had kind of a transition this year with my sister, who has helped me with him for many years, god bless her. Has kind of moved on in her life, and now I have another lady that’s helping me out. We switched to a public school. And it was just me and him, like, the first six weeks. So it’s all good. You know, I’m getting up in the mornings, making lunches, and you know, doing his homework at night. I think everything’s fine. The progress report comes home. It’s a “D.” It’s like —

[ Makes whishing sound ] Straight across the board.

Carson: Wait. Were you helping him out with his homework?

[ Laughter ] That’s probably why.

Kid Rock: Well, he’s getting it done, you know? So I’m looking at him. I’m going, “what the hell happened?” I go, “what’s wrong? Everything’s
hunky-dory at home.” And so I go to the teacher, and I go, “what’s going on in here? You know, something’s going on in the classroom, you should call home and let the parents know.” “Mr. Ritchie, have you ever seen this blue notice?” “Uh, no. I haven’t seen that blue notice.”

Carson: What was it?

Kid Rock: “This is what we send home when the kids don’t turn in their homework or have a bad assignment. We put their name on a piece of paper.”

Carson: All right, so what’s junior doing with it?

Kid Rock: Chucking them on the way home.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: He’s 10!

Kid Rock: Yeah.

Carson: Does it worry you, these sort of tendencies so young?

Kid Rock: Aw, man, I’ve seen it coming. We’re sitting down. We have another conference. We were sitting there.

Carson: First of all, what’s it like when kid rock comes into a parent/teacher conference?

[ Laughter ] Teacher’s like, “well, maybe some of the troubles are coming from you, dad!”

[ Laughter ] Which isn’t true, ’cause you’re a great father, but you
know, you take that stuff serious.

Kid Rock: I wouldn’t be airing my laundry, either, if this wasn’t on
so late. I know he couldn’t see it, so —

Carson: Right.

Kid Rock: That’s the only reason I’m talking about this now, ’cause
it’s kind of a good story, and I’m sure a lot of people can relate to it. But so, it just kind of — it’s kind of a double-edged sword. It’s funny in one sense, and it’s serious as a parent at the other, because you know, the teacher’s, like, I’m sitting there, “what’s wrong?” He’s like, “well, junior just won’t –” or “bobby junior just won’t apply himself.” I’m like —

[ Snorts ]

[ Laughter ] It sounds like the exact same thing they said to me every year in school with my parents. You know, “he’s capable of doing the work, he just won’t apply himself.”

Carson: Right.

Kid Rock: And I’m like, “oh, here we go.”

Carson: Right.

Kid Rock: Just brought it right back out on me.

Carson: It’s funny. Every time I talk to you about junior, you know,
we talk about Christmas and what you’re gonna get him or where he’s at. He’s so young, but he’s getting to that age now, 10, where, like, you’re starting to deal with grades. Next it’s gonna be girls. Have you thought about having the talk with him about the birds and the bees?

Kid Rock: No, we already had that.

Carson: You had that already?

Kid Rock: Yeah. We had that last year.

Carson: You’re kidding! When he was 9?

Kid Rock: Yeah.

[ Light laughter ] I have friends who had it with their daughters when they were 7. I’m like, “what?”

Carson: You’re kidding me?

Kid Rock: Yeah.

Carson: He was 9. What did you tell your son about where babies come from? Did you sing it in a song?

[ Laughter ]

Kid Rock: No, I tell you what though, they get these funny-ass books at Borders. If you go there —

Carson: Did you go shopping? They’re like — looking for an aid on how to tell them?

Kid Rock: Dude, “hair in funny places.”

Carson: Really?

[ Laughter ]

Kid Rock: Yeah. They got this other book —

Carson: It’s like before he goes to bed, “come on, junior. I’m gonna
read you a story.”

Kid Rock: So we sat down. We got some taco bell, sat down, I cracked open a beer. And I just started talking, you know, openly. I was more embarrassed, and he was just laughing all the time. You know, and I’d be like, “you know, and then you take it –“

[ Kid rock laughs ]

[ Laughter ] Cracking up. And was like, “no, pay attention.”

Carson: This is serious.

Kid Rock: The funny thing was he goes at this point — he goes, “what — dad, what if it doesn’t fit?”

[ Laughter ] And I’m like —

[ Applause ]

Carson: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Slow down. What does he mean, “what if it doesn’t fit?”

[ Laughter ]

Kid Rock: You know what I mean.

Carson: I have no idea, actually. What did you say?

Kid Rock: So I immediately spat out without thinking, ’cause Kracker — you know, Uncle Kracker, my best friend — you know, he’s always got this saying that he spats out on the tour bus. So I spat it out without
thinking. I go, “son, your Uncle Kracker says, ‘it may be small, but it fits ’em all.'”

[ Laughter ] And the kid looks up, and he’s like, “huh? Wait a second. Wait, wait. Scratch that. Scratch that.”

Carson: Wrong thing.

Kid Rock: “Let’s start again.” We eventually got through it. We worked it out.

Carson: That’s funny. Lot to mention. I want to mention that you — I’m surprised, finally performed at the grand ole opry in the tribute for Johnny Cash. Tell me how that was. I know it was probably a really big deal for you.

Kid Rock: God, to be in the presence of so many great players at a place with so much history. I’m sure it’s equal to playing the apollo theater
in new york city or something. And for my love of country music, to be in there all of the sudden with a guitar singing two johnny cash songs, it was a little intimidating. You know, I was completely nervous, and I, like, broke a guitar string. And I still held it together and sang the two songs. And at the end of it, you know, people stood up out of their seats. Man, it was one of the most incredible feelings of my life, I think.

Carson: Right.

Kid Rock: It was great.

Carson: Explain this quote to me, ’cause we were talking about country music and this particular record. And it’s great. You jump genres a little
bit. It’s different from your other work, but it’s equally as credible across the board. You said this — you said, “there hasn’t been any hip-hop that’s excited me in a long time. That’s made me want to, you know, turn my hat backwards.” Is it that lack of hip-hop more recently that has sort of sent you down a little bit more of the songwriting/country music avenue?

Kid Rock: I don’t know if it’s so much that, and it might be my own
fault for not searching for it. I haven’t really been looking for it like I was as a kid so much. And I’ve really been into melody and into learning different things with my guitar and my pianos and different instruments lying around the house. So it’s probably some of my own fault, because I just haven’t really been searching for it. I’m sure there’s lots of great stuff out there. But for some reason, I’ve just kind of been off doing something different for a minute. You know, it keeps the music exciting for me and hopefully, you know, gives me growth with the music, and maybe my audience will grow with me. But hip-hop’s always my first love, and it will always be prevalent in everything — in anything I do. So —

Carson: Right.

Kid Rock: You know, I was just rambling. I forgot what I’m talking about.

Carson: No, you’re good. That’s good. I’m gonna show the clip from the very beginning of “feel like makin’ love,” the video, which has you flash
forward to 2055. Where did you get that idea from?

Kid Rock: I had a nightmare about it one night. I’m like, “what if I
still have to go out and play when I’m like, you know, 65, and like, I stay on this route I’m on? Have a beard, gotta be bald with my hair taped to the inside of my hat.”

[ Light laughter ] Tie up my American flag.

Carson: And we have what that would look like. It’s the beginning of the rock video “feel like makin’ love.” Take a look —

[ Applause ]

I’m ready to rock

[ Laughter ]

Carson: There you are. And listen, at that reunion — and that was you, flash forward — I had the same dream about myself about the same time.

Kid Rock: Let me see it.

Carson: And I was doing the same old crap, too. Roll me down in 2055.

Kid Rock: My question for you, rock, is what the hell is —

ball with the ball the bangy-bang diggy-diggy diggy bom bop the bop dig-dig diggy what the [ Bleep ] Does that mean?

[ Laughter ]

Carson: That was me. We have a full frame. Check out my beer gut I’ve got going on here.

Kid Rock: I think you got —

Carson: Yeah, look at that. Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

Kid Rock: There you go.

Carson: That’s some good stuff going on.

Kid Rock: Take that on the road.

Carson: This is crazy that you’re airing a special on vh1. Are we getting that old already?

Kid Rock: Yeah, I know. I think so.

Carson: I haven’t been at mtv in I don’t remember how long, and you’re having specials on vh1.

Kid Rock: It’s time to move on, Carson.

Carson: “A kid rock Christmas.” What were your Christmases like in Detroit?

[ Laughter ]

Kid Rock: It’s a Christmas special.

[ Laughter ] It’s gonna be like Andy Williams.

[ Laughter ] Sorta.

Carson: What was Christmas like in your house, and how did it differ from, like, the lavish gifts you can afford to give your son now?

Kid Rock: It was all good. You know, my dad had a car dealership. It wasn’t like I grew up, like, in the middle of the ghetto or anything. So everything was pretty good growing up. But it’s — you know what’s really
different is, as sad as it might sound, is, you know, having to rotate with, you know, junior’s mom every other year, getting christmas one year and not having him the next. And you know, you don’t realize how fast that goes by until you skip a year in between.

Carson: Right, like last year.

Kid Rock: Yeah, like last year didn’t have him. I’ll have him this year. But you know, that all of a sudden it’s 5, 6, 7, 8, and they all of a sudden
know about — you know, know that Santa, the whole thing. And it’s gone, it’s done. And you’re like, “man, what happened?” Now I’m on vh1.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Right. It’s funny that your son still believes in Santa but
knows all about sex.

[ Laughter ] That’s sort of a weird thing, but only in the kid rock
household. Are you gonna hang out for a bit?

Kid Rock: Yeah.

Carson: You know Robert Bradley’s on tonight?

Kid Rock: I know. It’s my ace from Detroit, way back.

Carson: All the booking we got going. More with kid rock, the music of Robert Bradley

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