Kelly Osbourne’s Breakdown During ’03 Of Hell

The Sun reports Kelly Osbourne revealed on Thursday that she suffered burn-out in 2003 after “12 months of hell.” Not only did she deal with her mother Sharon’s cancer, but her father Ozzy’s struggle with booze, her brother Jack’s struggle with drugs and alcohol, the loss of her record deal, and the split from her boyfriend Bert McCracken from . “My mum nearly died, somebody who I thought I was in love with broke my heart, my brother went into rehab, my dog Lulu died and I got dropped by my record company,” she said. “It just seemed to be getting worse and worse and to be honest with you, it gave me a nervous breakdown in the summer. I got sent home from Europe because I was so exhausted and emotionally fu**ed. I’ve had to deal with having every single person in the whole world judging me.”

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