Kashmir Frontman On Meeting Bowie

Kashmir frontman Kasper Eistrup spoke with Time Off magazine about meeting his musical hero, David Bowie, thanks to Tony Visconti producing the band’s latest album ‘No Balance Palace’. “Before we started recording the album I went to New York to finish some of the songs and I was fortunate to meet Bowie over there,” he said. “Tony introduced me to Bowie and we got into a conversation about music and politics and everything. He was saying he had two of our albums and that he’d really like to do something with us one day. That really surprised me a lot! I’ve been a Bowie fan since I was six years old, so first of all, to meet him, was unbelievable, but at the same time he was just a regular, sweet English lad. He’s very talented, obviously, and intelligent, but he’s still very grounded and interested in other people – which I think is a great human quality.” The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

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