Karen O Transforms From Nerd To Rock Star Onstage

Garrett Kamps of the Cleveland Scene caught up with Karen O of the the , though it wasn’t the first time he’s met the singer. “Karen O used to be a nerd,” Kamps revealed. “I know this because we were once in film school together at NYU. The media plays her off as this crazy sex goddess, but the Karen O of yesteryear was timid and awkward, with a profile lower than a limbo stick at Verne Troyer’s beach party.” As for how that nerd can transform when she goes out on stage, the singer herself revealed, “When I get up onstage, I really do just kind of switch. I don’t walk around in the same outfits that I wear onstage. It has a lot to do with taking on a persona, but it’s not forced. It’s organic in that sense.” Clevescene.com has since removed the article.

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