Karen O. Breeds Imitators

singer Karen O. tells Australia’s Beat magazine that things are getting slightly out of control with some of her fans. A lot of them are dressing up just like her. She arrives on stage, checks out the audience, and sees a sea of Karen O’s. Some fans also follow her back to her hotel. She’s starting to feel a bit freaked out. “I’m shocked and impressed by the outfits that people put together,” she says. “I think the girls in the crowd know exactly what they’re doing, and aren’t mindlessly copying my style or anything. There’s nothing cooler than a homemade Yeah Yeah Yeahs shirt. But I think people confuse me with the persona of Karen O. Really I’m actually quite low key. I’m easily intimidated when it’s after a show and people are amped up and really drunk and sucked into a sort of mood, and confuse me with the person I am on stage. It might be a bit of a problem in the future.”

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