Kaiser Chiefs Singer’s Thoughts On Glastonbury

Ricky Wilson of spoke with Radio 1 about his impressions of this weekend’s Glastonbury Festival. “I remember the same feeling I had when I first drove into New York. It’s just like a big city, but open and relaxed, and raining,” he said. “Yesterday I walked around. Had a wonder on my own, had a pie – lamb and rosemary. I sat in the stone circle. It’s very impressive and I probably don’t like it because I can’t do it, but do you know when they twirl things around their heads? It’s just showing off. I suppose if I was really good at doing something pointless then I’d be doing it all the time too. A bit like being in the Kaiser Chiefs. I don’t want to sound poncey or anything but today when the rain stopped just in the distance you could hear cheers going on. It made you feel really proud and happy. There is definitely something in the air. I think it’s marijuana.”

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