Justin Tranter Does Twitter Q&A With Semi Precious Weapons Fans

Semi Precious Weapons

Justin Tranter of answered several questions posed by their Twitter followers (@preciousweapons) on Wednesday (May 16). Among the exchanges:

alyssalambertx: Have you listened to Adam Lambert’s new album?
preciousweapons: I haven’t had a chance yet…how is it? his voice is always amazing.

HuxleyMonster: What did you do for mom on mother’s day?
preciousweapons: for mothers day me, my mom, my brothers and my niece went to a bar on a lake and had some whiskey:)

PiaMonsterr: how’s the record coming up darlings? xx
preciousweapons: the record is coming along wonderfully! New music is on it’s way. Thank you for being patient. It’s coming:) LOTS

KillThatBastard: what size feet are you? O.o
preciousweapons: my feet are a women’s 12 wide. ha! HUGE!

lets_stalkjoey: Where do you get inspiration for your music? love you <3 preciousweapons: most things that inspire me are my friends.

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