Justin Hawkins Meets Giraffe Named After Him

frontman Justin Hawkins tells Radio 1 he used time off from the band’s touring schedule to visit Suffolk Wildlife Park to see a baby giraffe that has been named after him. “It’s weird because there’s a dominant male giraffe among the group who’s name’s Harry, which, coincidentally is my father’s name. He just stood their looking really imperial,” he explained. “All the rest of them were all just really freaked out by me when I went in the cage with them, apart from one and that was Justin. He came over to me, which I thought was a really good indication of the appropriate nature of his name really. It was quite a thrill. Also, when they ran and got a bit freaked out they looked like dinosaurs, which was quite exciting. And I think it’s wonderful that Suffolk wildlife park are prepared to stick their neck out like that.”

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