Just Like Starting Over For Blur

The time was set. The lights flipped on in their little West London studio. And frontman Damon Albarn, Dave Rowntree and Alex James were there, after four years of doing their own thing, ready to create studio magic again. But where was guitarist and glue ? Time ticked by: 10 minutes. An hour. The ashtray began to fill. An hour and a half. Some long sighs and a bit of confusion. The three looked at each other. And the clock ticked on. “We waited for like two hours,” begins Blur bassist James to Aaron M. Fontana to Entertainment Today, “and we said, ‘no – he’s definitely not coming.’ Should we get on with it?’ And we said, ‘yeah’.” And on with it, they did get, spending the next year writing, recording and fine-tuning their latest album, ‘Think Tank’. Ent-today.com has since removed the article.

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