Julien-K Backs Chester Bennington’s Side Project Dead By Sunrise

Julien-K revealed to Artisan News Service that ’s Chester Bennington approached them to record his side project, the electro rock . “It turned into literally in a few days, Julien-K became Chester’s band Dead By Sunrise,” Amir Derakh explained. “We literally stopped our record, and recorded a record with Chester, which is complete. Of course the reason that didn’t come out is because you have the Linkin Park record in front of it, so you had some backup and timing complications. Basically with Julien-K there’s two bands. With Chester singing it’s Dead By Sunrise, when I sing it’s Julien-K. Julien-K is decidedly a bit more electro, but Dead By Sunrise is a little bit heavier, a little but more rocky. But Chester loves electro music, he loves what we’re doing.” Watch the segment at YouTube.

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