Josh Homme Returns To ‘Desert’

For Desert Sessions, volumes nine and ten, Josh Homme and Co. (Dean Ween, A Perfect Circle bassist Jeordie White (known as Twiggy Ramirez in his Marilyn Manson days), Brant Bjork of Kyuss and Fu Manchu, current A Perfect Circle and ex-Guns ‘n Roses and Suicidal Tendencies drummer Josh Freese, and indie goddess Polly Jean Harvey.) laid down fifteen songs in five days, “all improvised, written out and recorded right there on the spot,” he says. “Usually people get there and they’re like ‘OK, you called me. Now what?’ And then I sh** my pants.” The only real rule in Joshua Tree, where they recorded the albums, is that there are no rules; musicians jam until one finds the kernel of a song, and then they work from there. “There’s no pressure from the public,” says Homme, “but there’s pressure from each other, like, ‘We’re all here, so this needs to be great.’ It’s almost like you’re looking for veins of gold, and you find one and chase it down and take it.”

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