Josh Homme Had “WTF” Reaction To QOTSA’s ‘Rated R’ Reissue

Queens Of The Stone Age 'Rated R'

Josh Homme spoke with about his new label Rekords Rekords and the 10th anniversary reissue of Queens of the Stone Age’s major-label debut ‘Rated R’, featuring B sides and a live performance from the Reading Festival in 2000. “Universal wanted to do a 10-year anniversary and I was like, ‘What the fu**?'” Homme said about the project. “I have trouble looking too far forward or back.”

Homme also hinted that the band has toyed with the idea of performing QOTSA’s albums live in concert. “We’ve talked about how much we enjoyed when Cheap Trick performed their first three records and we’ve thought about doing five nights for each record,” he revealed. “It’s been discussed — after a few shots — but it’s been discussed.”

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