Josh Homme Excited About UNKLE Collaboration

Radio 1 caught up with Queens of the Stone Age who are touring in support of The Big Day Out festival in Australia and New Zealand. Frontman Josh Homme was raving about the track he’s done with James Lavelle and DJ Shadow for the next album. “It’s got to be someone whose tastebuds we agree with, so James is someone that our palate says ‘likey’ to,” Homme said. “I just think it’s the merging of two worlds that were worlds apart, basically, and it makes more sense than you’d think. I think we’re gonna try to release it in some fashion. We may put is as a B-side and I think it’s up on the internet as well. Just take it, you know. I think it’s a very inspired song too. I think it worked out. Where the hell’s my copy?”

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