Jonathan Davis Talks ‘Queen Of The Damned’ Soundtrack

Lynn Barker of talked with KoRn frontman and ‘Queen of the Damned’ composer and soundtrack producer Jonathan Davis about both projects. Asked if he was able to work with Aaliyah on the soundtrack, Davis revealed, “I was gonna work on some music for her. We were supposed to. We gave her tapes. But unfortunately it didn’t come to pass. That was sad.” As for the differences between a film composer and being in a band, he said, “Totally two different worlds. Being in the band, when you write the music you’ve got an intro, verse, chorus. It’s pretty much laid out for you. When you’re doing film composing, it’s a totally different thing. You’ve got a guy on a screen and you’re painting an emotional picture with music, and sound. There’s no template for it. You do what you think brings out the actor’s performance. It was difficult but challenging and fun.” The transcript at has since been removed.

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