Jonathan Davis On Going Cold Turkey

frontman Jonathan Davis spoke with Phillip Zonkel of the Long Beach Press-Telegram in a Q&A, where he discussed his decision to quit drugs, alcohol, and smoking last August. Asked why he stopped, Davis responded, “My grandfather passed away and it was really traumatic for me. I was on the road and thought I could drown my sorrows in drugs and alcohol, but that made it worse. My son, Nathan, saw me drunk. That really freaked me out. He didn’t understand why daddy was falling down, puking on the ground. Just the look he gave me was enough to make me quit.” Davis said that Nathan’s look made him feel “like a piece of sh**. Like, you dumb, drunk @#$@#. You got a kid, what are you doing? It was like, I’m doing this for my kid and for myself. If I don’t I’m going to die. So I stopped. No AA, none of that other (stuff). AA is good for people who need it, but it’s just another religion. It’s just another cult.” The article at has since been removed.

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