Jonathan Davis ‘Extremely Concerned’ About Conservatives

Although Jonathan Davis dismissed any political influence when writing ‘See You On The Other Side’, the singer tells Australia’s Time Off magazine he is still unhappy with the current state of government affairs in America. “I’m extremely concerned with how conservative America is,” Davis said. “America was built on the people having the freedom to do what they want, and it just seems like the Christian right wants to take over and take away everyone’s rights on things like abortion and just everything. It’s just so fu**ing conservative it’s ridiculous! I mean, I love Europe and I love Australia, places that seem freer to me. People freak out about movies from Europe and pornography, but people should be free to do the fu** what they wanna do and speak what they wanna speak. America has got a lot of fu**ed-up stuff going on right now. Fu**ing stupid religious people have gotten power and are trying to change things to the way they like ’em. It’s so fu**ing retarded.” The article at has since been removed.

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