Jonathan Davis Ending Serial Killer Collectibles Hobby

World Entertainment News Network is reporting that frontman Jonathan Davis is selling off his of serial killer memorabilia because he fears the odd collection has brought nothing but negativity into his home. “I’m done with that,” he said. “I got all that stuff out. I just got over it. I was really into it for a while. I still have the car (Bundy’s vehicle), but I’m just bringing negativity and negative sh** in my house with it, and I don’t want that around my kids. There is definitely a vibe and weird sh** attached to those things. I really don’t want to glorify these people and what they did and display the sh**. I wasn’t thinking straight when I bought that stuff. I was sucked into it because it was so dark, and I’m like, ‘This is cool.’ When I started to think about it, I was like, ‘What about those 70 girls’ parents their babies got killed in that car, and I wanna display it! That is fu**ed up.'”

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One thought on “Jonathan Davis Ending Serial Killer Collectibles Hobby

  1. dean bungle says:

    in regards to the above statement . “I still have his car” then he won’t display it cause it’s sick and 70 girls were murdered in it. ! Well he still fu**ing has it in his house with his kids. lol. I love this sh**.

    I looked at his collection and to see Gacy’s clown outfits posed on mannequins was disturbing to say the least. I enjoy the hysteria with serial killers but to decorate ones home with such and then act like your denying it is almost as case for concern above all belief. Before you bag me I own Korn albums and play 7 string guitar like them. I also have done my readings on serial killers and the sh** that goes with it. I rest my case……….

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