Jon Bon Jovi Doesn’t Agree With Bush’s Politics

Jon shared his political views as well as on his wife Dorothea, whom he shares three children with. In ‘Hook Me Up’, the point of view of a Palestinian boy is explored. “Every Palestinian isn’t a terrorist. Every Jew isn’t trying to kill every Palestinian. What made me want to write it was a “60 Minutes” piece about two childhood friends – one Palestinian the other Jewish who were always best buddies. When the conflict escalated in their country, they became enemies and stopped speaking. They hate each other now, but neither has ever tried to hurt the other.” He added, “I have a real hard time with the idea that I’m supposed to hate all Iraqis, for instance, just because George Junior hates them. I don’t hate Iraqis – I hate terrorists. I don’t agree with Bush’s politics, I’m still the guy on the Al Gore line.”

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