Johns Would At Least Like To Play One ‘Diorama’ Show

The Sun-Herald spoke with frontman Daniel Johns who admitted, “My focus isn’t on ‘Diorama’ any more, because I’ve already moved on artistically, but there’s still a kind of yearning inside of me that something needs to be fulfilled. I need to get out there. Even if we just play one show.” He was able to at least play for a bit at the ARIAs last week. “We were all aware it was a possibility [we would cancel on the day of the show],” Johns said. “It just fluctuates quite dramatically; some days I feel 80 per cent healthy and some days I feel 30 per cent. [But] I was relatively confident because I hadn’t had a bad day for about two weeks, and usually there’s a bad period every two weeks or so.” Read more.

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