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John Rzeznik from the posted an update on their official website regarding their new album:

“June 19th, 2005

Hello. Had a great Sunday off… had a little BBQ with our manager and our whole band (thanks John Dehais). It was nice to spend a few moments with just ourselves, not thinking about work.

It was a welcomed bit of relaxation after the first week of starting our new album with Glen Ballard. The energy in the room has been amazing. I truly believe that he has the talent and insight, as well as the patience, to take us to the next level. Every minute in the studio had been a learning experience and a real pleasure. I’m excited to be challenged by him to get to the heart of the matter and to reacquaint myself with the plot to our story.

He’s been bringing us along with a new sense of musicality and hope that we haven’t felt as a band in long while. I look forward to sharing the process because it’s been so incredible I can’t hold back from sharing it with ALL of you.

Right now we are still in the infancy of this project but it feels like it’s going to be incredible. I feel re-energized and hopeful as we have a completely new perspective on what our job is. He has reminded us of what it is to appreciate music as an art form that deserves to be respected and treated with dignity. Commerciality aside, he’s helping me find the ability to do and say and feel what is in the bottom of my heart and my soul. That gives me hope in all this mayhem.

Thank you for sticking by us through all of our ups and downs…. and always giving us your faith and loyalty.


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