Joe Elliott Q&A

’s official web site has been updated with a brand new interview with the group’s frontman Joe Elliott. Asked about the current status on ‘Yeah!’, the long-awaited covers album and the subsequent tour, Elliott responded, “I think it’s still scheduled for release in May, so organizing promo might be starting around March already. It’s not gonna be full-on right away, but more like a day here, a day there, a weekend here, a week there….. We’re supposed to be going out on the road in the summer, but keep in mind that there are places where we can get too soon. For a band to play a town where they just played some 4-6 months ago, you have got to be U2 or Green Day, for people to want to see you again so soon. For us to go out this summer, it’s gotta be something really special, so we have to make a big deal prepping this properly.”

The entire interview at has since been removed.

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