Jizzy Pearl And Steven Adler Q&A

Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler and ex-Love/Hate/current Ratt singer Jizzy Pearl spoke to Sweden’s MetalShrine.se last Thursday (Feb. 17) when their new band, Adler’s Appetite, played in Stockholm. Asked if they thought there would be another Guns album, Adler insisted, “It’s not Guns N’ Roses!” while Pearl added, “You know what? I think, and there’s no disrespect towards Axl at all, but I think that if there was a record and if there would’ve been a record it should’ve come out a while ago. I think that so many years have gone by that it’s almost…it would have to be ‘Sgt. Pepper’, literally, or ‘Back in Black’! Or ‘Appetite…’! It would have to be that good to be able to reignite anything and that’s a phenomenon that doesn’t really happen. It’s a shame that things happened the way they did! I wish it had come out earlier because I think it might have done well.”

The full story at telia.com has since been removed.

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