Jimmy Page Wanted Live Chronological Album In ’80s

Led Zeppelin’s new triple CD set, ‘How The West Was Won’ and a double DVD called ‘Led Zeppelin DVD’ are all powerful reminders of the might and magic of the Zeppelin live experience. “When we lost (drummer) John Bonham in 1980,” explains guitarist and band leader Jimmy Page to Australia’s Beat magazine. “I was very keen then to do a live chronological album or number of albums to give a picture pretty much really like what this is. Except at the time (singer) Robert (Plant) wasn’t very keen on doing that. But I really wanted to showcase the way that the group played live with John Bonham. I thought it was the perfect vehicle through the live thing. But then (1982’s) Coda (album) came out instead.”

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One thought on “Jimmy Page Wanted Live Chronological Album In ’80s

  1. opa says:

    Led Zeppelin rocks and they are the best band around.

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