Jimi Hendrix ‘Bleeding Heart’ Video

The late Jimi Hendrix is out with the video to his cover of the Elmore James song ‘Bleeding Heart’, featured on the rock artist’s posthumous studio album ‘Valleys of Neptune’, out now on Legacy. Watch the Julien Temple directed video via Vevo below.

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2 thoughts on “Jimi Hendrix ‘Bleeding Heart’ Video

  1. Standard Tuning says:

    There is a reason Jimi is considered a legend. Good Post.


  2. JoFresh says:

    Have you guys seen Valley’s of Neptune from the new Jimi Hendrix record. This is making me think it’s a must have – the video is just as awesome as the song. enjoy youtube.com/watch?v=DjxH_a5U7wA

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