Jew Or Not A Jew? The Case Against David Lee Roth

blew off his interview with Buddy Seigal of Orange County Weekly and paid the price for it in an interview questioning whether the former Van Halen frontman is really Jewish. Seigal says, “Roth stood me up on an interview for this story. Jews never stand people up, especially other Jews. We keep appointments, we return phone calls, we meet deadlines, we come in under budget, we conduct business in a professional manner and we expect the same in return. If you don’t comply with us, we tell God on you and then you’ll be sorry because we are, after all, the Chosen People.” He gives several other reasons and advises, “The next time you decide to blow off an interview, best to remember that it’s unwise to piss off a writer for a rabble-rousing communist homosexual newspaper with free reign to say anything he chooses.” Read more.

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One thought on “Jew Or Not A Jew? The Case Against David Lee Roth

  1. Karl says:

    David Lee Roth… not Jewish? Are you kidding?
    He’s as Jewish as American Pie!

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