Jet’s Tour With The Vines Is One Big Party

Nic Cester of is somewhere in America touring with fellow Aussie rock revivalists the Vines, and he is just waking up. He’s not sure what time it is and he’s not sure exactly where he is, either. “I have no idea. This has been a big party,” he told Richard Abowitz of Las Vegas Weekly. “We hang out every night. Patrick [Matthews, Vines bassist] is on our bus right now, actually. Last night was pretty crazy. After the show, us and a few Vines went to a bar with as many people we could fit in a bus. We were drinking until the next afternoon.” For Cester, this is just another day on tour, and it makes him philosophical. “The best party stories you tend not to remember,” he says. As for being on the road: “It is a labor of love.”

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