Jet’s Tough Time Recording ‘Shine On’

Nic Cester of spoke with Beat magazine about the band’s sophomore album ‘Shine On’, and how the band coped with the death of his and bandmate Chris’ father while recording the effort. “It was tough,” Cester admitted. “It was tough to write and record for a lot of reasons. Obviously because of what we went through with our dad, which added to my already existing problems where all of a sudden you’re going out partying every night, and not sleeping for a week. It’s not conducive with being healthy or anything positive. So, we did it, and I personally think it’s a brilliant record, much better than the first one. It may not have been the right album to do now, as in keeping our popularity going, it may not have been a good political move, I don’t know.”

The full interview at has since been removed.

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