Jet Feel Out Of Place At VMAs

Australia’s Beat magazine caught up with and asked them about being at the MTV Video Music Awards in Miami, which frontman Nic Cester said made them feel out of place. Told that Hillary Duff claimed, in the MTV pre-show, claimed that Jet was her favorite band at the moment, Cester smirked, “Really? I didn’t get to catch up with the Duff. But even in our genre we were aliens. The award we were up for was with Hoobastank and Yellowcard. I mean, we are just miles apart from them as well. There was a couple of after-parties. We got invited to Usher’s after-party and that was as surreal as the awards themselves. There were three different parts of the party. You were let into different stages of the party based on your celebrity. That was until you get to the final room and it’s just Usher in there. He’s the only one that is cool enough to hang out in that room.” The band ended up finding a cosy corner and sat there by themselves. “There weren’t many people there who we really wanted to hang out with us,” he said. “We were just in there for the booze I suppose.”

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