Jeremy Stanton Checks In With Fans As Sullivan Preps For Final Show

guitarist Jeremy Stanton checked in with a bulletin to fans on the Greensboro, North Carolina rock band’s Myspace page on Sunday (November 18) after the band announced they’re calling it quits after one last show in Greensboro on December 21st. Stanton writes:

If you feel like dying….

Oh you guys… I’m going to miss the hell out you little SOB’s. Every face at every show, every email and comment, every hug, every kiss (you know who you are), every high-five, every broken string, every bottle of water, every broken monitor, every sing-along, every hand clap, every bead of sweat, every beer, every cigarette I swore was my last (thanks Matt Showbread for helping me quit), every forest fire I drove through (well it was just that one, but it was in the mountains at 3a.m. and i was the only one awake, so you can imagine how scared I was), every snowfall and desert heat, every band I played with, every flat tire, every argument, every laugh, every friggin’ Wendy’s, every Walmart parking lot, every pee bottle I almost drank (and those couple I did, on accident, damn you Brooks [Paschal, singer]), every mountain road and highway pasture, every atlas we went through, every deer we almost hit (that one time was reeeeaaaallly scary), every time I thought about going home and every time I thanked god I’m in this band, every moment of the past year and every kind word after a show (they really help)… AND MOST OF ALL… EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!

You were the heart and soul of this band and as long as you keep Sullivan in your memories, we will always be here. I love you more than you could ever imagine and I will remember you the rest of my life. Thanks for every little thing that made Sullivan what it is…

Love, Jeremy

P.S. please come see me at our last show on Dec. 21st. I really want to see you and i’ll probably cry.

.. sullivanquoth

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