Jeremy Enigk Rises Back With Fire Theft

Troy Johnson of San Diego CityBeat spoke with Jeremy Enigk, who described his former band Sunny Day’s dysfunctionality as “embarrassing.” He lost friends. He made some back. Now that he’s back with Fire Theft, they’re charting a course that mirrors Enigk’s own—it’s an emotional phoenix for those who’ve found themselves in a gutter or two and spotted hope before it hit the drain. “In the beginning of writing this, [I was] trying to sort of reinvent and rediscover who I was after the break up of Sunny Day,” he explained. “Although I wanted it, I wasn’t prepared for the change and it left me kind of uncertain of what I wanted to do next. It’s really hard to take what you’ve built, demolish it, and start anew. It’s really damaging and was very confusing. So at the beginning of this project it was a dark time. And then, progressively starting to build up my hope and my strength, I said, ‘Fu** it. I wanna live. I wanna be happy. I do not wanna live in the past and what could’ve been. I have a perfect opportunity right now to start fresh’.” Read more.

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