Jeff Apter Talks Silverchair

Jeff Apter, music editor of Australian Rolling Stone, has written a full-length book on Australia’s preeminent rock ensemble, . He spoke about the book with NY Rock. Asked how they fit in today’s rock culture, Apter responded, “What makes them unique is that they’ve not only survived grunge, they moved on to a more lush, orchestrated rock sound (unlike, say, Pearl Jam, who still sound like a garage rock band 10 years down the line). And, of course, when they first emerged, there was the ‘age angle’: How could such young guys – they were 15 at the time – play so well and sound so damned old? Their trouble right now, outside of Australia, is that they don’t fit on radio. Nothing from Diorama really works on any of the current American rock radio formats, but as Rolling Stone’s David Fricke says in the book, that’s the public’s loss, not the band’s. However, they still maintain an extremely dedicated fanbase worldwide.” Read more.

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