JD Fortune Recounts Being A New Dog In INXS


Beat magazine caught up with JD Fortune, who talked about how it took time to settle in with his bandmates after winning the chance to front the band on the first season of ‘Rock Star’. “Being the newest member of the band, it’s kinda like bringing a new animal into the house,” JD explained. “You’ve got five dogs and then you bring another dog in, and everybody kinda sits around for little while. And eventually you have a few scrapes here and there, but at the end of the day we’re all just dogs, and we all just wanna eat, sh**, sleep, fu** and make music. Initially, I felt like I was still auditioning. Every night I went out, there were a lot of people (saying) ‘You better be good. Don’t fu** this up. This is our band’. And now, it’s our band. And we’re sharing it with the world… the first three months everyone was sorta holding their breath: ‘Oh my god, oh my god, are we actually doing this?’ And then, when it worked, it was ‘Thank god we’re doing this!'”

The full interview at beat.com.au has since been removed.

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