Jay Leno Talks To Anthrax

Jay Leno talked to on Friday following the band’s unintentional brush with the news related to their band name. It was mostly an opportunity for the guys in the band to crack jokes about themselves. Read on for a transcript.

>> Jay: Welcome back, everybody. Now, folks, as you know, anytime you
turn on the tv, all you seem to hear about is anthrax. And of course, this
is a bad practice, caused a huge problem for the popular rock band anthrax.
That’s what we’re all concerne about, really.

>> Kevin: Right.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Jay: Now, these guys have been around since, I guess, 1937, working

[ Laughter ] No, ’81. ’81, anthrax. They established their good name
through albums like “spreading the disease.” “Spreading the disease” —
you remember that album, a huge hit. In fact, they have a gold and platinum
album, sold over 4 million records. So we thought it’d be interesting to
see what the guys are up to. This is the actual group. We’re gonna go live,
via satellite, to bear track studio in suffern, new york, where the guys
are — guys, are you there? Can we — there they are. Hi, guys.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay!

>> What’s up, jay?

>> U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

>> Jay: Welcome, anthraxians.

>> How are you?

>> Jay: I’m fine. What are you guys doing up there in suffern?

>> We’re recording a new album right now, jay.

>> Jay: Oh, all right.

>> Yes, that’s right. And we were all supposed to do this interview,
actually, in new york city at the nbc building, but they wouldn’t let us
in the building.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Really? Now, see, apparently at nbc, they only let real anthrax
in the building, you see.

[ Laughter ] The group can’t get in. Okay. Now, for those of you that
aren’t familiar with the band, we have a short documentary that looks at
anthrax through the years. Let’s just show this to our — can we roll the
documentary? Okay, there they are in 1981 when they first started out.
Now, there’s their first tv appearance. That was ’82. Okay. Now, here they
are performing for the queen. I remember that. That was a huge deal. And
then, of course, the big “mtv beach house,” unplugged show. Unplugged show,
huge show.

[ Applause ] Now, let me ask you guys a question, seriously. What was
your reacon to all this? I mean, you’ve got this band, you’re anthrax,
and all of a sudden, this happens. What does this do to you?

>> You know, the reaction that we’ve had is, we’ve had a lot of sympathy
from the press and the media and our fans, obviously, but we’re not gonna
change our ne, we’re not gonna give in to terrorism. We’re not gonna stop
living our lives. That’s what our reaction to this is.

>> Jay: Well, whcacame up with the name first? Who came up with the
name anthrax?

>> Actually, I learned about it in high school, in my senior year in
biology class, of all things.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Jay: I mean, did you — did you try out other diseases first? Did
you —

[ Laughter ] Like chlamydia or something?

[ Laughter ]

>> As a matter of fact, we had irritable bowel syndrome.

>> Jay: Irritable bowel syndrome. That’s not bad.

[ Applause ]

>> Yeah.

>> We had colitis. Colitis was one, too.

>> Jay: Now, do you think e disease should have to change its name?

>> Actually, we’re tnknking about suing the disease for copyright infringement.

>> Jay: Okay.

[ Laughter ] Let me ask you this — does this cut down on the amount
of groupies that come around? You know, they see “anthrax,” they think,
“ooh, maybe this might not — ” you know.

[ Laughter ]

>> These days, if a groupie has a sore on her lip, thank god it’s only

>> Jay: Okay, good, good.

[ Laughter ] So you’re responsible rock stars, basically. And I think
that’s important. Now, like, what do fans say when they see you on the
street? You know, I mean, they come up to you. What do they say?

>> I’m in grand central station every day, and the new york sense of
humor generally is, “hey, look, it’s that guy from anthrax. Wouldn’t it
be funny if you got anthrax?” It’s like, “yeah, that would be funny.”

[ Laughter ]

>> Hee-larious.

>> Jay: Now, what about the fan mail you get?

>> Well, we get it. We just don’t open it.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Oh, good. Very good.

[ Applause ]

>> No ironic deaths for us.

>> Jay: I mean, has it affected your concerts? You know, people get
anthrax tickets in the mail, you’re gonna, you know — has it affected
the concerts?

>> Actually, the only change it’s had on us is, in the dressing room,
we replace the m&ms with cipro.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Jay: With cipro. All right. This comedy thing’s hard, isn’t it, huh?

[ Laughter ]

>> Tough room. Tough room.

>> Jay: Have you guys ever taken cipro?

>> Nah, we tried everything else.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Everything else, but not —

[ Applause ] Actually, we have footage of your last concert. Do we have
that? Run that footage. Yeah, you see what I’m saying? See what happened?

[ Laughter ] I think the name just — the name can be frightening.

[ Applause ] Now, guys —

>> That’s pretty funny.

>> Jay: Thank you very much. Thank you.

>> Real funny, jay. Real funny.

>> Jay: I think they’re pissed.

[ Laughter ] You guys here are like true new yorkers — “hey, that’s
real funny, jay. That’s real funny, jay.” Now, in case you guys decide
to change your name —

>> We’re a new york name, man.

>> Jay: Guys, we’ve come up with —

>> Say that again.

>> Jay: Wecome up with a fewsuggestions for name changes. Just see wt
you think. Now, how’s this one? How do you like this name?

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: No?

>> Nah.

>> Nah.

>> Jay: If you don’t want to drop anthrax, this might be a good name
for a band —

[ Laughter and applause ]

>> That’s a good one. That’s pretty good.

>> Jay: Maybe you can do kind of a boy band thing. Change your name
to ‘n thrax.

>> Jay, we’re gonna keep the name — we’re gonna keep the name anthrax.
In fact, we brought in a celebrity spokesman to help us spread the word.

>> Anthrax! Anthrax! Anthrax! Anthrax! Anthrax! Anthrax! Anthrax!

>> Jay: Guys, good luck with the tour.

>> Anthrax!

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