Jason Newsted Blasts Metallica For Obvious Cash-In

VoiVod bassist has snubbed his former band ’s stadium tour with Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit which starts off on July 4, dubbed the ‘Summer Sanitarium Tour 2003’. “It’s a joke I think Metallica are just a joke, I don’t think they have any idea,” Newsted told Rock Sound magazine. “I am fan of Metallica again, I did my thing in there and felt good and I’m proud of that sh** and I am more proud than sour. But that’s the integrity down the fu**ing tube! Why can’t they take out Strapping Young Lad, why can’t they take out In Flames? What they are doing now is such an obvious cash thing and has nothing to do with the music that we’re supposed to be fighting for.” Rock-sound.net has since removed the article.

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