Jani Lane Departs Warrant, Group Vows To Carry On

Jani Lane has officially left to pursue a solo career. “This comes to us as no surprise,” stated Warrant bassist Jerry Dixon in an official press release. “We always figured someday he would want to go after a solo career and today is that day.” The remaining members of the band will continue to compose, play and tour under the name Warrant. “We wish [Jani] the very best in all aspects of his life,” said guitarist Erik Turner. “The band is very excited about new possibilities and some fresh blood. Maybe even a new record. We have always wanted to get back to what got us here in the first place. That includes putting the moves back on stage, playing the old songs people beg us to play and putting some much needed TLC back into the band. We are now looking for a new party-host, we want someone that can enhance what Warrant already is, not change it. Again we wish Jani Lane all the best and look forward with much excitement of a new and improved Warrant in 2004.”

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