Jane’s Addiction ‘End To The Lies’ Video Behind The Scenes

Jane's Addiction 'End To The Lies'  behind the scenes
Jane’s Addiction are out with behind-the-scenes footage from their ‘End To The Lies’ video shoot. The Alex Bulkley directed video was shot at Studio 905 in Hollywood, California, where band members Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins and
Dave Sitek were filmed giving a live performance in front of a white backdrop so they could later be superimposed onto womens’ bodies.

“The band hails from Los Angeles, California,” Navarro explained about the video concept. “We come from the street and so I think that the combination of the angst in the song, and the street element, the artistic element and then of course the love of sexuality and sensuality fused together, is pretty much what this band has been about since day one.”

As for the story behind the song, Farrell said, “‘End To The Lies’ is about a compositive of a**holes that I happen to know. It’s about you know, you hear things on the street about yourself and you kind of hold your tongue, take your time, then you hit ’em in the face!”

‘End To The Lies’ appears on Jane’s Addiction’s forthcoming album ‘The Great Escape Artist’, due out later this summer on Capitol Records. Watch the footage via Vevo below.

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