James Kottak Remotely Adds Drums To Scorpions Cover Album ‘Comeblack’

James Kottak and his Scorpions bandmates in 'Sting In The Tail'

Drummer James Kottak talked with MusicLegends.ca about about the European tour, doing meet and greets with fans, what equipment they’ve been playing, recording the ‘Comeblack’ album and more.

“We wanted to go back and play tribute to where Scorpions got their roots,” Kottak explained. “Bands like the Kinks and the Rolling Stones, and we went back and did a few songs, and we’re very proud of the album. It’s great. I’m super proud of it. Most of it was done at Rudolf [Schenker’s] studio in Hannover. He sent the tracks to me up in Portland, Oregon, where I work in a studio up their with a guy named Kevin Hahn. Then just sent the track and I added my drums. It was awesome.”

Asked if the recording process has gotten easier, he said, “I wouldn’t say easier. It’s still the same process. You have a track. You go in. You work on it. The thing is you don’t have to be in the same country or the same hemisphere. I did all the drums in Portland, Oregon because I have a house with my girlfriend Stephanie up there. They sent the tracks over and I put the drums on it. It took me about five days and I just went in and added the drums to all the music. It was really awesome. Times are changing.”

Listen to the interview via YouTube below.

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