Jacoby Shaddix Discusses ‘Metamorphosis’ With CNN.com

’s Jacoby Shaddix talked to CNN.com’s Melissa Long about the band’s new album ‘Metamorphosis’, feeling bittersweet about their success during such tough economic times, replacing Dave Buckner with Tony Palermo on drums, and what it’s like always being out on the road now that he’s sober. Jacoby says the new disc “is about being socially conscious and aware of what’s going on” now that he’s cleaned up. Video of the interview at Turner.com has since been removed.

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One thought on “Jacoby Shaddix Discusses ‘Metamorphosis’ With CNN.com

  1. ... says:

    …it’s Metamorphosis, not Metamorphis…stupid reporter. I cringed every time I heard that.

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