Jack White Details Car Crash

NME spoke with the White Stripes frontman Jack White about his car accident in his home town of Detroit, where he was driving with girlfriend Rene Zellwegger. “This 75- to 80-year-old woman drove right out in the middle of the street, right in front of us,” White explained. “There was nothing I could do to get away from it. It was lucky that there was nobody seriously injured.” After making sure Rene and the other driver were both OK–he realized he was the one who was in trouble. “I looked down and saw my finger was just destroyed. I immediately thought, ‘That’s not going to be good, is it?.’ It was a multiple fracture which means it didn’t actually go through the skin but it shattered inside the finger. I can’t write, I can’t play piano, I can’t play guitar, I can’t do anything creative. I can’t even tie my shoes.”

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