Izzy Stradlin On Touring With Guns N’ Roses Again

Former Guns N’ Roses member Izzy Stradlin’s official web site, ChopAway.com, has a Q&A with the guitarist, where he’s asked about any future plans he has with Axl Rose’s new line-up. “I spent my summer vacation touring with Axl’s new Guns N’ Roses and had some fun playing live again,” he said. “Amazing fans out there…. It’s hard to believe at times. Fantastic! GNR tour: Axl and I connected via cell phone this year. I stopped by to see if he looked as old as he might be… Same age as myself, you know, and he looked great! It was nice to reconnect with an old friend/war buddy/fellow musician. I told him later I’d like to join the fun in some way and he said I was welcome to come and play something, so I did! Took me about three weeks to recover from the six weeks of touring!!!!”

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