It’s Now All Rainbows And Sunshine For Deftones

Chino Moreno spoke with Kerrang! magazine about the progress of the songwriting sessions for ’ new album. Asked if the tensions within the band on their previous album were an issue this time around, he responded, “There were lots of problems on the last album, definitely. The way we were working meant that communication in the band wasn’t very strong. That’s changed now that we’ve shifted our approach. Making that last record was seriously unhealthy experience. It just dragged on without much direction. Even the idea of the record was just to make something vague, and that’s pretty much what we did. I liked it, but when we focus and work together, it’s a lot better.”

As for how the band’s members have improved their relationship, Moreno said, “Over the last few years, a lot of the band members have had a few problems — divorces, money problems, life — and it has just been an unhappy time. We’ve all come out of that now. I hate to talk like it’s all rainbows and sunshine over here, but it is!”

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