Is This It For The Foo Fighters?

After ‘In Your Honor’, the supposedly quintessential album, what better time to call it a day? Bassist Nate Mendell admits to Beat magazine, “It’s a comment that we’ll make in interviews from time to time, which is true. It doesn’t mean the band’s going to break up but it’s always been an album-to-album proposition. You do it while it’s fun and viable and it works, and we don’t set ten-year goals or anything. It’s something that probably most bands feel but for some reason it gets articulated by our band so it gets picked up on.” Bandmate Taylor Hawkins muses, “It’s kind of a safeguard in a way. If you go around saying, ‘We’re the best band in the world and we’re going to be around as long as the Stones’, you won’t, especially just for saying that.” has since removed the article.

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