Is There Something In The Australian Water?

Jet visited MuchMusic on Tuesday (March 23) and asked the group about the invasion of Australian rock acts, including their tourmates, , and what they’re putting in the water down under. “This is just water. Yeah. The tastiest water,” remarked frontman Nic Cester said. “Um– yeah, what are we doing? Nothing, really. I think just– it’s all just sort of everybody just working down there because, you know, after the Vines had their first record come out and there was all these other Australian bands and stuff. … been going forever. You know, they’ve put out like four or five records, I think. They’re really big in Australia so…” Host Amanda asked, “So nothing’s changed? It’s just all of a sudden more people are paying attention?” Nic responded, “Yeah. They’re just paying attention now. They never were. It took like the Vines for all the record business to go, ‘Oh my god, they make good rock n’ roll in Australia.’ You know, it’s just how it works. ‘They’re really lazy like that. Well, they’re from Australia. they must be from somewhere else.’ Great from Australia. So they all went..”

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