Interscope Nixes Sheryl Crow On Next Kid Rock Release

is lashing out at record labels after being told by Interscope his next single, ‘Picture’, cannot make use of Sheryl Crow, who duets on the original version. Rock wasn’t necessarily surprised by the move and fumed, “Good old politics–heads of record companies and all that bullsh**, and, you know, people having albums out, and singles rights, and worried about if it’s gonna stop the sales of maybe Sheryl’s record, you know, if this thing takes off, people buying my record. It’s all a bunch of bullsh**. You can’t just make music and put it out. And, the same goes to say for my label (Lava)–you know, Jason Flom never lets people use his artists. He’s always, ‘No, no, no, no,’ so, it comes time for someone else, everyone goes, ‘Fu** him. He doesn’t let anybody else get down, so why should we let him?'” The full story at has since been removed.

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