Interpol Sidestep Comparisons

David Nichols of Beat Magazine spoke with drummer Samuel Fogarino, who had a hard time coming up with a group the band sounds like. “The Smiths? We don’t really think we sound like them – we maybe tip our hats in their direction, but I don’t think the Smiths are anyone’s favorite, per se, in the band,” Fogarino said. “We don’t want a be all and end all reference point. And as for British music of the 80s, we like that introspective, atmospheric aspect, that shines through, but we also look back at American music of the early 90s – Pavement, Archers of Loaf, Fugazi. If other influences come in, well… we don’t talk about it. But anyway, Joy Division and those other late 70s and early 80s bands we get compared to, at least they’re really really good! No musician wants to be compared to other groups, but at least we’re not being compared to crap. Eventually, maybe, it’ll fall to the wayside.”

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