Interpol: Clothes Aren’t The Thing Making The Men caught up with drummer Sam Fogarino for a brief Q&A and asked him about whether he’s bothered with critics who seem to care more about the band’s wardrobe than their music. “It’s kind of irksome, you know and it implies gimmick, y’know what I mean,” Fogarino asked. “You know what it comes down to is knowing the definition between casual and semi-formal y’know? I’m not fu**ing doing my laundry in these clothes. I own t-shirts, I like to wear them, I have sneakers too. It’s clear that we all have different moods and I have different clothes to suit those moods and it so happens that Interpol tends to look better when they go out at night, even when you just want to hit a bar. You’re conscious of how you look. It’s not a grand plan of Interpol to dress in some kind of pop fashion or what-have-you.”

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